Together We can make a difference

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Our Mission

EDYCS Epilepsy Group is the leading NGO dedicated to uphold the rights and addressing the needs of all those affected by epilepsy, through the promotion and provision of high quality services and working to ensure the continual enhancement of the quality of the people it serves.

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Our Philosophy

People with epilepsy should be treated as a group of persons who have an illness but who for the most part can lead normal, productive and fulfilling lives. They should be able to say I have epilepsy without being rejected or discriminated against.

Our Objectives

Advocate in favor of the epilepsy sufferers towards the fulfillment of their rights in the educational, employment, health and social sectors Promote epilepsy awareness and understanding in the Republic of Mauritius including Rodrigues through public talks, seminars, conferences and symposiums Run a Day Care Center for young and adults, men and women with chronic and severe epilepsy Run a non-profit motive an Epilepsy Educational School for children with epilepsy and learning disability Promote epilepsy care services enhancing the Quality of lives of the epilepsy sufferers via the establishment of an Epilepsy Health Service Centre in Mauritius and Rodrigues Recruit and retain Volunteers to support the epilepsy agenda Work in close collaboration with Government, Private Institutions and Civil Society at large to address the needs of the epilepsy sufferers Build strong networking and partnership with local, regional and international agencies in the epilepsy and mental health sectors Undertake research in epilepsy Mobilize resources for the attainment of the above objectives

Board of Management

Board Members 2019

President - Youssouf Mahmad Noormamode, CSK
Deputy President - Paramasiva Chengan (Ex. Chairman MACOSS)
Secretary - Anas Mosaheb
Assistant Board Secretary - Abbiboollah Joomun
Treasurer - Joyvani Rose Luc Frederic
Assistant Treasurer - Anwari Begum Rajabalee
Executive Member - Dr. Dominique Lam Thuon Mine
Executive Member - Amine Fakira
Executive Member - Rassoulbie Auckbur

Past Honorary Presidents

Mr. Ganee Joonas
Mr. Ismael Nana
Mrs. Mansoorah Issany
Dr. Charles Yip Tong
Mrs. Valerie Rawat

Overseas Advisor

Prof. Aboobaker Labauge - International Consultant in Neurology, Lecturer Harvard University

International Affiliation

International Bureau for Epilepsy, Netherlands
IBE African Regional Executive Committee
Africa Disability Alliance
National Society for Epilepsy, UK
World Association of NGOs (WANGO), USA

Local affiliation/registration

Registrar of Associations - License 5268
Government of Mauritius – Corporate and Business Registration – A19000212
Ministry of Gender Equality, child Development & Family Welfare
Regional Youth Council/National Youth Council under the aegis of the Ministry of Youth & Sports
Ministry of Health & Quality of Life
Ministry of Finance & Economic Development (In Contact Purpose)
NGO Trust Fund
Mauritius Council of Social Services (MACOSS)
National Social Inclusion Foundation (Ex. National CSR Foundation) – Registration – NCSRF/2017/0154